Reasonable Man Combatives and Conditioning

Vigil Fighting System International

The mission of Reasonable Man Combatives and Conditioning is to provide concerned, law abiding citizens with tools to ensure their personal protection.

To that end we provide the following:

  1. Weekly, continuous martial arts classes for local residents in our Northville facility.
  2. RMCC Seminars on topics ranging from conflict avoidance and unarmed defense to tactics for concealed carry permit holders. These are available in our Northville facility as well as training centers all over metro Detroit and the world.
  3. Martial Blade Concepts seminars taught in our Northville facility and throughout Michigan.
  4. Consultation, demonstration, lectures and interviews to varying media, businesses and universities.

We at RMCC International deal with a serious subject matter, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Students in our classes will find themselves in a welcoming and enjoyable environment. Thank you for visiting our site and for your interest in the Reasonable Man Combatives and Conditioning.



Reasonable Man Combatives and Conditioning | Martial Blade Concepts

RMCC International offers training in the areas of self defense, personal protection, combatives, Martial Blade Concepts, and Counter Blade Concepts. From their location in Northville, Michigan RMCC International serves the greater Detroit Metro area.

Self Defense Classes in Michigan

Looking for Self Defense Classes in Michigan? RMCC International teaches classes in self defense, personal protection and combatives from a facility in Northville, Michigan. Students travel from the greater Detroit, Michigan area and beyond to take advantage of their self defense expertise. Whether learning self defense individually or with a group you RMCC will give you the critical skills to protect your life and the life of your loved ones.

Michigan Combatives

Looking for combatives training in Michigan? RMCC can help. Though we define RMCC as a martial art, combatives have had a heavy influence on our techniques and training methodologies.

The idea of combatives has been around as long as there has been war the term originated with W.E Fairbairn during WWII. This WWII training continues to evolve and is carried on by teachers like Kelly McCann and in the Marine Corp Martial Arts program.

Now you can learn life saving combatives in Michigan. Our facility in Northville, MI serves the greater Detroit, MI area.

Personal Protection Classes in Michigan

Looking for personal protection training in Michigan? RMCC can help. Whether you are an experienced martial artist or a total beginner we have personal protection tools to help you. We can provide you with a variety of training from empty handed techniques, improvised weapons, firearms use and defense and edged weapons defense and use. We can also teach you pre-incident indicators and other non physical skills to keep you from ever needing to defend yourself in the first place.

Your personal protection should be one of your highest priorities. Check out our personal protection classes in Michigan! Our facility in Northville, Michigan serves the greater Detroit Michigan area. Martial Arts in Michigan Looking for martial arts classes in Michigan? RMCC can help. We have an amazing blend of martial arts designed to provide you with the full scope of skills needed to protect yourself and your loved ones. Martial arts study isn’t just about the physical skills. We use martial arts as a means of greater self awareness and empowerment.

Your martial arts training can begin with us! We offer martial arts classes in Northville, MI and serve the greater Detroit, MI area.

Martial Blade Concepts in Michigan

At long last Martial Blade Concepts classes are available in Michigan! You can learn Michael Janich’s system of personal protection right here in Northville, Michigan. Whether you have attended previous MBC seminars before, or if you are totally new to Martial Blade Concepts we have something for you!

We have Martial Blade Concepts classes here in Northville, MI and serve the greater Detroit, MI area.